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BIBA Info Mail by Michael Crane, BIBA director

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The News @ 23 March, 2011

There's a lot to tell you in this InfoMail
An element at the Open to send aid to our Japanese friends. If you haven't already done so, click the above for details. The entire backgammon community are united in raising funds for the Appeal, and during the British Open (8-10 April) you can do a little something that will hopefully grow into something much bigger.

Also, there's still time to qualify via satellite entries on the Open's sponsor's web site,

Of course, there's still plenty of time to attend the British Open, but if you require accommodation you are urged to do so soon as our allocation is running low.
Fantastic new raffle with a top prize of a Geoffrey Parker board valued at £1125! At the moment we have three boards as prizes and it is hoped that a couple more might also make a donation. However, with the top prize (to date) of the Geoffrey Parker board (a generous donation from Max Parker), and the Dal Negro board donated by The Regency Chess Company, plus the humble, Biba Tournament Board, it is still a pretty good raffle.

On the subject of Help Lewis Walk I was asked a few days back why am I still promoting this when the Japan Tsunami Appeal is more important? My answer? Japan has a worldwide awareness of its tragedy and money - quite rightly - is pouring in. Lewis is one small child hoping to benefit from an appeal that is spearheaded by his mother from their home in Eccles, Manchester. Each is important. Each needs our help.
And, before I leave Lewis, did you donate to the recent Comic Relief's £75m? Did you know that not one penny of that vast sum can be channelled towards Lewis because his operation will take place in the States, and they don't fund overseas operations? With £75 million coming in, Comic Relief is laughing all the way to the bank - Lewis isn't laughing.

UK Backgammon Clubs : New entry: Rotherham

European Backgammon Clubs : Two new entries: Germany & Croatia

Also updates to : Calendar including dates for 2011 Mind Sports Olympiad and Wicklow details

Michael Crane
Biba Director

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