Dubrovnik Invitational Online Tournament 

Spring Edition of Dubrovnik Invitational 2011 tournament is in progress on GridGammon.
Webpage is: http://challonge.com/dubrovnik2011spring

Format is DOUBLE ELIMINATION (which means player need to lose twice to be eliminated), matches to 11 points. Last 6 losers and last 4 winners play matches to 13 points, and FINAL match is to 15 points (loser to win twice). Rate of play is 7days per round, by agreement with both players.

NOTE: Matches in .sgg format need to be saved and sent to leonardo.jerkovic@du.t-com.hr, by entering players agree with that. Players can schedule on challonge forum or via GG messages (CC dubrovnik also). CSS - divide page to have left 50% and right %50 width

Tournament rules  

Tournament Director Leonardo Jerković (dubrovnik) 


Please use the forum on this site and be sure to contact your opponent early. Please do not wait until the last few days before the deadline to contact your opponent. The tournament is world wide and finding a mutual time to play may require more than a few days. Also, do not just assume that you will run into your opponent online. 


You must make your best effort to complete your match before end of each round. No extensions will be granted. 


If a player has made a legitimate effort to contact his or her opponent with no response, a forfeit may be requested on the due date. 

Drops and Disputes 

If a player drops during the match, the opponent should wait at least 15 minutes for the player to return. If the player does not return, the match must be rescheduled BEFORE the deadline. If the match cannot be rescheduled before the deadline, the tournament directors MAY award a victory to the player ahead in the match or they MAY determine that No Results are the outcome. The decision of the tournament director shall be final.
Hall of Fame

Winter 2011
1. Carlos Madrid Alarcon(ESP) 2. Yancho Hristov (BGR) 3. Joe Freedman (USA) 4. Gil Davidovich (ISR) 5-6.Dorn Bishop (USA), Andy Bell (GBR), 7-8.Alan Grunwald (USA), Lorenzo Rinaldo (ITA)

 Fall 2010 
1.Justin Nunez (USA) 2.Gregory Perel (ISR) 3-4. Massimiliano Calusio (ITA) Tolga Akbaytug (TUR) 5-8. Adam Bennett (USA) Petko Kostadinov (BGR) Richard Munitz (USA) Rambiz Khalili (IRN)

Summer 2010 
1. Steve Sax (USA) 2. Petko Kostadinov (BGR) 3. Richard Munitz (USA) 4-6. Sergey Erokhin (RUS) Michihito Kageyama (JPN) Justin Nunez (USA) 

Spring 2010 
1. Neil Deutsch (USA) 2. Carlos Madrid Alarcon(ESP) 3. Kamyar Hosseinian (USA) 4. Rambiz Khalili (IRN) 5-6. Minerva (RUS) Simon Barget (GBR) 7-8. Adam Versaw (USA) Chris Yep (USA)

Winter 2010 
1. Neil Kazaross (USA) 2. Steve Sax (USA) 3. Leonardo Jerkovic (HRV) 4. Eli Roymi (ISR) 5-6. Tore Fredriksen (NOR) TheProdigy (USA) 7-8. Greg Jukins (USA) Raj Jansari (GBR)