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Greetings GammonLife Newsletter Subscribers!

After being away in Costa Rica for more than three years (taking care of personal family affairs) I am back in Canada and starting to add new articles and other material to

I am 
now also a consultant to, a new backgammon server being developed and that is expected to launch in 2011. You can read about the many features the software will have at What I like most about GammonPower is that they will have chouette, online qualifiers to live tournaments and a very low rake. Players will also be able to play money games and matches for micro-limits, as low as 10 cents.

GammonPower will be giving away, to the first 1,000 players that pre-register, a small amount of free cash to play with, as well as entries to free-roll tournaments, so go to and submit your name and email address to be eligible for the free stuff. I hope you will be with me to party on the day GammonPower launches.


1st Giants of Backgammon Invitational at Chicago Open this Week

Rory Pascar, Director of the Chicago Open Backgammon Tournament, has organized the 1st Giants of Backgammon Invitational Tournament being held this week during the 2011 Chicago Backgammon Open. The event is one-of-a-kind, matching some of best Backgammon players from around the world against each other - 16 top Giants will face off starting May 26. See the list of participants and more info at:


Maintaining Respect

GammonLife Writer Mary Hickey, U.S. Backgammon Open Champion for the past two years, has submitted the 14th article of her Game Plan Selection series on GammonLife. “In backgammon too, if you break up a vital asset, you may never have a chance to recover it.” Read the article at this link:

Mary Hickey has also co-authored a new book with Marty Storer called What's Your Game Plan? – The book can be purchased through Carol Joy Cole’s Backgammon Boutique at: where you can also get the best prices on backgammon boards, precision dice and other backgammon accessories.

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