nedjelja, 10. srpnja 2011.

eXtreme Gammon 2 is released.

Hello everyone,

The final version of eXtreme Gammon 2 is now out from our website:

Thanks to all the BGonliner for the feedback, bug report and help.

I’d like to thank thank in particular:

  • Neil Kazaross: for all his CPU time and engine advice without which XG2 would never have reach the strength it achieved.
  • Phil Simborg: for relentlessly promoting XG and all the feedback he gave me
  • Christopher Yep: Best beta tester award! His detailed, step by step, mails on how to reproduce bugs has been a tremendous time saver for me.
  • Itikawa Masanori and Yoshito Takeuchi: for their work on the Japanese translation.
  • Andrew Polochkin for the Russian translation.
  • Peter gtj, for his work on the Greek translation
  • Claude Landry and Miran Tuhtan for lending his computer time for the training process.
  • Mochy for all his effort promoting XG in Japan.
  • All the people who sent me rollout for the opening book (Stick, David Rockwell, Ken Bame, Neil Kazaross , Claude Landry, Alexandre Le Siege)
    My apologies if I forgot anyone.

    The list of thanks would not be complete without thanking my wife Michelle, who have endured the long hours I spent working on eXtreme Gammon 2.

    I hope you will all enjoy this new version of eXtreme Gammon

    Xavier Dufaure de Citres
    GameSite 2000 ltd.

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