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GammonVillage Magazine Newsletter - Vol. 13, #25-28, 26 Jul 2011


Feature Columnists

Winning the Giants of Backgammon Invitational - Part One 
Steve Sax
Winning the Giants of Backgammon Invitational - Part One
26 Jul 2011  -  by Steve Sax
A little more than ten years ago, I mentioned to Jake Jacobs there should be an invitational "Giants of Backgammon" tournament. He liked the idea, but didn't think it would be that easy to get all 32 "Giants" to participate in such an event.

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The Ash Dalvi 5/5 Blitz Count (Part 2) 
Ash Dalvi
The Ash Dalvi 5/5 Blitz Count (Part 2)
15 Jul 2011  -  by Ash Dalvi
In my final article on blitz positions, I will examine how various changes on the blitzee's side of the board in the 5/5 blitz position influence the 5/5 blitz count.

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Singing The Blues Quiz 
Jake Jacobs
Singing The Blues Quiz
10 Jul 2011  -  by Jake Jacobs
Chicago, home of the blues! When you are feeling sad and lowdown, sing the blues and before you know it... If you have a voice like mine, they will be throwing rotten tomatoes at you.

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