petak, 8. srpnja 2011.

Tues, July 19: Monte Carlo Gala Dinner needs confirmation

By popular demand, the formal Gala Dinner will again be held at Le Sporting/The Sporting Club on Tuesday, July 19th from 8-10:30pm.  
“The Ballet Todes troupe of contemporary dancers will stage a sight for sore eyes!” We’ve given you an option of coming to the Gala Dinner.  

Le Sporting management has forced us to confirm the number of people who will attend the Gala Dinner.  

Please confirm: 

a) whether you want to go the dinner and show without drinks for 110 euro or 
b) go to the show only with a 1/2 bottle of wine and water for 65 euro.   

Seats are limited and we need your confirmation to attend or not by email before July 11th.  

Thank you.  

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