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News from World Series of Backgammon

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Play for the WSOB Championship and the Gold Cube®
World Series of Backgammon 2011 starts this weekend exclusively at with a new low buy-in
  • There are 5 Stops, a points Race and a finale on the new WSOB Online Tour™
  • Win points for the Race for every match you win on the tour for a chance to win the finale, the WSOB Championship
  • Just €55 to buy-in to a a Tour Stop or €5 to a Weekly Qualifier - Race points awarded for both
  • Win the Gold Cube® and a €2,400 WSOB board made by Geoffrey Parker Games
  • Detailed reports about the action from each Stop on the tour
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Mochy Talks to WSOB for BG Life
  • Read his tips about how to succeed as a pro backgammon player in our new features section on PlayWSOB, BG Life
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For more information about the new tour, please visit our websites at for News, Scheduling and Player Profiles or for Race Stats, New Editorioal Content and our new BG life section.
By the way if you are interested in making an editorial or video contribution to BG Life, please do get in touch by replying to this email.
Good luck on the new tour!

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